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High quality glass ware is an integral part of every laboratory whether in a pharmaceutical manufacturing, university, research lab or a food manufacturing industry.  Keeping this in mind Pharm Canada Pakistan is always striving to bring high quality glassware to our customers.  Glacier glassware is manufactured using low alkali borosilicate glass.  Resistant to external elements like heat, water and chemicals we are sure that you will be satisfied by using our glassware.  


Readily available glassware includes the following:


  • Beaker Low Form

  • Culture Bottles

  • Slides

  • Jars

  • Filter Assembly

  • Dishes

  • Volumetric Flask

  • Seperating Funnel Glass stopper

  • Seperating Funnel rotaflow

  • Seperating Funnel

  • Measuring Cylinder

  • Round bottom flask

  • Test tubes

  • Centrifuge tube

  • Culture tubes

  • Flat Flash Narrow Neck

  • Kjeldahl Flask

  • Burette Rota Flow

  • Burette Glass Stop Cock

  • Dropping Bottles


Other glassware is also available on special order.  Contact us today for more information and prices for the glassware.

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